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Surfboard Art Festival In Morro Bay Continues Month-Long Celebration!

The Morro Bay Surfboard Art Festival is a month-long of the popular surf-culture art form. Surfboard art can be a painting that’s created using a re-purposed surfboard as the canvas or it can be a sculpture that uses a surfboard as the substrate material. The works are beautiful interpretations of nature or fantasy, and they will be displayed throughout the city. Chicago has its public-art display of cows, San Francisco has its hearts, and Morro Bay has its surfboards! The event culminates with a public auction on Saturday, November 29th of the previously displayed works of art and proceeds benefit Project Surf Camp and Morro Bay In Bloom.

If you've never discovered the wonder of Morro Bay, November is a wonderful month to do so. How you get there is with a luxurious charter aboard The Duchess Yacht and an experienced captain who has made the trip and knows the area. Food, drink, supplies and fuel are all included and no detail is overlooked in staging your luxurious expedition. There are still openings on the November calendar so book now, Morro Bay and surfboard art await you!

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