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Shortfin Mako Shark

On Saturday 8/6/16 The Duchess, captained by Captain Skip, and chartered by Bob Dickey, his son Daniel and Daniel's friend Matt had the thrill of hooking a Shortfin Mako Shark, as identified by Captain Mike Ruel. The Mako is estimated at a minimum of 5 ft. and was hooked by Daniel while bringing in a Rockfish. Daniel turned the rod over to Captain Skip and continued the fight for a total of 37 minutes. The shark after being at the stern of the boat then proceeded to take about 1000 ft. of line when Captain Skip was then able to bring the shark back to the boat. Although the shark seemed tired, when he reached The Duchess he made a final flailing at the starboard side and was able to release himself for a very successful and healthy release.

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